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  6篇阅读起码有5篇难度都是高中,也许人大附是觉得,英语好的孩子很多都在小学阶段攻克了 FCE证书,今后出国的意愿也很强烈,所以想选拔出一些英语好的孩子,并把他们集中起来。这样志同道合的孩子们在一起,出国成功率更高些。



  With only about 1, 000 pandasleft in the world, China is desperately trying to clone(克隆)the animal and save the endangered species(物种). That’s amove similar to what a Texas A & M University researchers have beenundertaking for the past five years in a project called “Noah’s Ark”.

  Noah’s Ark is aimed atcollecting eggs, embryos(胚胎), semen and DNA ofendangered animals and storing them in liquid nitrogen. If certain speciesshould become extinct, Dr. Duane Kraemer, a professor in Texas A & M’sCollege of Veterinary Medicine, says there would be enough of the basicbuilding blocks to reintroduce the species in the future.

  It is estimated that asmany as 2, 000 species of mammals, birds reptiles will become extinct in over100 years. The panda, native only to China, is in danger of becoming extinct inthe next 25 years.

  Thisweek, Chinese scientists said they grew an embryo by introducing cells from adead female panda into the egg cells of a Japanese white rabbit. They are nowtrying to implant the embryo into a host animal.

  The entire procedurecould take from three to five years to complete.

  “The nuclear transfer(核子移植)of one species to another is not easy, and the lack of available(capable ofbeing used) panda eggs could be a major problem,” Kraemer believes. “They willprobably have to do several hundred transfers to result in one pregnancy(having a baby). It takes a long time and it’s difficult, but this could begroundbreaking science if it works. They are certainly not putting any livepandas at risk, so it is worth the effort,” adds Kraemer, who is one of theleaders of the Project at Texas A& M, the first-ever attempt at cloning adog.

  “They are trying to dosomething that’s never been done, and this is very similar to our work inNoah’s Ark. We’re both trying to save animals that face extinction. I certainlyappreciate their effort and there’s a lot we can learn from what they areattempting to do. It’s a research that is very much needed.”

  1.The aim of “Noah’s Ark” project is to _______.

  A. make efforts to clonethe endangered pandas

  B. save endangeredanimals from dying out

  C. collect DNA ofendangered animals to study

  D. transfer the nuclearof one animal to another

  2.According to Professor Kraemer, the major problem in cloning pandas would bethe lack of _____.

  A. available pandaeggs B. host animals

  C. qualifiedresearchers D. enough money

  3.The best title for the passage may be _______.

  A. China’s Success inPandas Cloning

  B. The First ClonedPanda in the World

  C. Exploring the Possibilityto Clone Pandas

  D. China —the NativePlace of Pandas Forever

  4.From the passage we know that _______.

  A. Kraemer and his teamhave succeeded in cloning a dog

  B. scientists try toimplant a panda’s egg into a rabbit

  C. Kraemer will workwith Chinese scientists in clone researches

  D. about two thousand ofspecies will probably die out in a century


  本文讲述中国正在竭力克隆濒临绝种的熊猫,这和Texas A & MUniversity 的Noah‘s Ark(诺亚方舟)工程极为相似,都是想拯救濒临灭绝的动物。

  1. B。语义理解题。从第2段内容可知,“诺亚方舟”工程的目标是把濒临灭绝的动物的蛋(卵)、胚胎、精液和DNA储存在液体氮中,如果某一种动物濒临灭绝时,将来可以重现这一动物。

  2. A。细节题。从第6段第1句话The nuclear transfer(核子移植) of one species toanother is not easy, and the lack of available (capable of being used ) pandaeggs could be a major problem 可以做出正确判断。

  3. C。主旨题。从文章内容来看,无论是中国还是世界克隆熊猫还没有成功,所以排除A、B项;D项内容明显与文章内容不符,故排除。所以“探索克隆熊猫的可能性”应该是这篇文章的标题。

  4. D。判断题。此题B项的干扰性较强,但由于它没有说明是Chinesescientists,所以应排除。A、C项明显与原文不符。根据文章第3段第1句可知答案非D莫属。

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